About Us

Hristo Ivanov

Hristo started his professional career as a dancer and his choreographic talent lit up many an international stages. Following 12 bright years of professional dancing and producing, he then committed 20 full years to teaching and choreographing in the National school for dance art. Since 1996, and together with Kaya, he has hosted and led folk dance seminars in Bulgaria and also in Japan, Germany, Hungary, the USA, and Switzerland.
As artistic director and leading choreographer he has received many awards from festivals in France, Spain and Bulgaria.

Kaya Ivanova

Kaya has had a long, 40-year professional career of folk dance pedagogy and choreography at the National school for dance art. Alongside Hristo, and for many years now, she has been delivering folk dance seminars in Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, Hungary, the USA and Switzerland.
She has earned numerous awards as a dance pedagogue.

Dimitar  Kraynev

Dimitar is a professional musician and graduate of the Sofia State musical academy “Pancho Vladigerov”.